Report Description


Here is where you can find all the data collected by your web site.  Most reports have a download, email, and printing option.  You can also sort them by clicking on the underline header link.  They can be switched from being sorted in either ascending or descending by just clicking the header link a second time.  You can also switch to viewing some reports by daily, hourly, or monthly by simply clicking the time frame you desire.



Get a quick overview of your most important statistics. Know how your site is doing in real time along with the top performers from several reports.


Traffic Patterns

See how your site traffic fluctuates from hour to hour, day to day, month to month and year to year. Identifying overall trends in your traffic is a basic step in understanding your web site.


Navigation Reports

Understand how your visitors navigate through your site. See the first page they come to, the last one they saw before leaving, where they went after leaving, and everything in-between.


Marketing Reports

Use these reports to improve your marketing. Good marketing does not simply focus on bringing high numbers of people to your site. Instead, it attracts people who are the most likely to accomplish your goal for them.


Visitor Profile Reports

See how much loyalty you have created among your users. See how often, how many times they are visiting your site, and how much time they spend on your site. See who your most active visitors are and the most popular ISP.


Demographical Reports

Our clickable map will help you visualize where your visitors are coming from. Learn to think globally and anticipate the needs of your diverse cliental. Discover good opportunities to expand into new markets around the world.


Technographic Reports

See what technology your users are using and make sure your site acts the way it should for the technology your visitors are using.